Press release

Worlds 2022 Content Creator Guidelines

Worlds 2022 is right around the corner, and we know content creators are eager to cover the event and share their esports content with the community! In order to help content creators meet our standard content policy and ensure that they can safely publish footage that features the Worlds broadcast, we have outlined the following guidelines: 

  • Creators may stream or post VODs of Worlds 2022 reaction content that includes broadcast footage starting immediately after the daily broadcast ends. No co-streaming or virtual watch parties are permitted during the Worlds broadcast at this time. 

  • Creators may include Worlds broadcast footage clips within streams or VODs. Clips taken from the Worlds broadcast must contain less than 15 consecutive minutes of broadcast footage. Streams and VODs may include up to three clips per match, as long as each individual clip does not exceed the 15 minute time limit. 

  • Partner logos may not be obscured, removed, or modified in any way.

  • In-game audio from broadcast and gameplay footage may be used and published. However, music from the broadcast must be removed or muted. 

  • In addition, all content shall follow the rules outlined in the Legal Jibber Jabber.

If you have any questions in regards to content creation, please contact