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Wild Rift Esports


Wild Rift Esports is the premier mobile-first competitive organization under the Riot Esports brand. Built on an authentic League of Legends experience - Wild Rift Esports is an unprecedented mobile esport - fast, fiercely competitive and primed for a new generation of players and fans. First launched in 2021 across eight markets in Southeast Asia, the SEA Icon Series Preseason served as the first official Wild Rift Esports event with the Wild Rift Esports Horizon Cup wrapping up the 2021 season.

The Wild Circuit is a consolidated competition series hosted in the 8 Wild Rift Esports regions, providing a stage for professional teams and teams at all skill levels to show what they’ve got in the Mobile MOBA space and prepare for season two.

Regions will work with third-party organizers to host officially sanctioned events during the off-season which spans from July 18 - October 23. Third party organizers in each region who are interested in hosting these events must be approved through Riot Games and will have prize pool and operational support. These events are meant to continue the momentum of competitive play through the rest of the year and give more opportunities for pros and aspiring pros to hone their skills.

July 21 - Wild Circuit Qualifiers 1
Aug 11 - Wild Circuit Qualifiers 2
Aug 18 - Wild Circuit Qualifiers 3
Sept/Oct - Wild Circuit Series

July 29 - Snapdragon Pro Series
Aug 1 - Huya The Legend Cup
Aug 2 - Douyu Wild Rift Master Series
Aug 19 - Weibo Cup

Aug - Movistar Super Series: Wild Rift
Aug - Movistar Stars Cup
Aug - ESL Play Americas
Aug - The Thunder Rift
Aug - Leyendas Salvajes Wild Rift
Sept - Wild Rift Mayor League

North America
July 29 - Wild Circuit Series - North America
Sept 23 - Rift MSTRS Wild Rift


Wild Circuit Asia Invitational 2022
- Sept/Oct
The Wild Rift Icons Global Championship is Riot’s global tournament concluding the Wild Rift Esports season. The tournament features 24 teams, 8 qualifying straight from regional competitions and 16 battling through the Play-In Stage. Fans will witness the highest level of Wild Rift Esports competition as teams unleash their skills for a chance at the world title and a shared prize pool of $2 million.

Icons 2022

June 14 to July 9
Suntec Convention and Exhibition Center, Singapore

The 2022 Wild Rift Icons Global Championship took place at the Suntec Convention and Exhibition Center in Singapore. A familiar home for Wild Rift Esports, Suntec Singapore previously held the Wild Rift Horizon Cup in 2021 and now has hosted the first global championship for Wild Rift Esports. Nova Esports took down J Team to become the first Wild Rift World Champions.


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