Press release

MSI 2023 to Feature Co-Streaming for the First Time 

Exciting news for LoL Esports fans! For the very first time, co-streaming will be available throughout the Mid-Season Invitational, providing fans with a unique, alternative viewing experience.


More than 30 co-streamers representing a variety of regions and languages are set to participate virtually in MSI 2023. These pre-approved streamers and content creators will give fans the chance to hear from their favorite content creators alongside the main broadcast. Additional details about the selected co-streamers will be announced via LoL Esports channels.


Qualified pro teams will also be permitted to co-stream virtually throughout the entire tournament. 


For all other content creators, the standard Content Creator Guidelines remain in effect. In order to help content creators meet our standard content policy and ensure that they can safely publish footage that features the MSI broadcast, we have outlined the following guidelines: 

  • Creators may stream or post VODs of MSI 2023 reaction content that includes broadcast footage starting immediately after the daily broadcast ends.
  • 24-hours after each MSI broadcast, creators may include MSI broadcast footage clips within streams or VOD reviews
  • Partner logos may not be obscured, removed, or modified in any way
  • In-game audio from broadcast and gameplay footage may be used and published. However, music from the broadcast must be removed or muted.

In addition, all content should follow the rules outlined in the Legal Jibber Jabber. For questions, contact