Press release

In-Stadium Co-streaming to Join MSI 2023

Ibai, Yoda, and SangHo and MinGyo Kim will co-stream MSI 2023 live from Copper Box Arena beginning May 18.

After a successful kick-off of our first global virtual co-streaming effort, we are excited to announce that MSI 2023 will feature in-stadium co-streaming for the final 4 days of the tournament! 


Ibai (ES), Yoda (BR), and SangHo Lee & MinGyo Kim (KR) will join us at Copper Box Arena to give you their unique takes on MSI 2023. From May 18 to the MSI Finals on May 21, these streamers will be co-streaming live from the arena, adding an extra layer of excitement.


To catch these co-streams, head to the links below:


You can catch all things MSI 2023 on or by following LoL Esports on social media.